Not-Equal Summer School 2021

Project Leads

Clara Crivellaro and Ann Light


The 2021 Not-Equal Summer School aimed to equip the next generation of researchers with tools to help create the conditions to support social justice in the Digital Economy. The summer school included a programme of talks, workshops and panel sessions with leading academics in HCI, Design & Computer Science and more, across four themes:

  • The Evolution of Social Justice in the Age of Digital Networks and Machine Learning
  • Equitable Digital Economies
  • Making Data Work for Social Justice
  • Stories from our Socially Just Digital Futures 

21 PhD students and ECRs joined our second Not-Equal summer school, which took place in June 2021.

Alongside the daily sessions, we held evening webinars that were open to the public. These sessions ranged from a lively panel discussion on equitable digital economies to considering what the multifarious expressions of sheep (MEOS) can tell us about social justice. We had over 500 people sign up to the webinars.

The Summer School foregrounded dialogical spaces where speakers, workshop leaders and attendees shared their expertise, interests and experiences of doing social justice work in the digital economy.   

This resulted in many different ideas and approaches discussed and developed in each workshop—from different responses and takes on SolarPunk in our Design Fiction session to exploring different ways to adapt strategies for building equity in collaborations according to domains and contexts. 

All the webinar series is available online to re-watch and there are more details about each of the sessions on the page. 

Read more about the summer school in this blog.