Invisible Worker Exhibition

Project lead

Robbie Warin


The Invisible Worker is a project that aims to explore the interface between work and technology in contemporary capitalism. They undertook a month-long residency across two different gallery spaces in Bristol for an exhibition surrounding peoples’ own stories of precarious work.

The Invisible Worker Exhibition

Not-Equal funded an exhibition run by The Invisible Worker in which a range of different work from issues 1-3 of the Invisible Worker zine was exhibited. The zine aims to be an accessible introduction to different issues surrounding how technology is changing work in different areas. In as such, the exhibition translated this same method from print into a physical space.

The exhibition was based on the topics covered in the first 3 issues of the zine including Online Labour Platforms & The Planetary Labour Market; Unwaged Digital Labour & Surveillance Capitalism; and Algorithmic Management Within Gig Work Platforms.

The different topics were introduced across different areas of the space with different elements surrounding the social and political implication of a given issue introduced and explored as you moved through the exhibition.

The aim of the exhibition was to spark discussion and introspection as to the way in which vulnerability to crisis manifests in society. It was about exploring the nature of technology and how this is being used in ways which shapes the lives of people in precarious work. 

You can get a copy of the Invisible Worker here.