The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many service providers and beneficiaries to use digital technology to access and deliver services, and maintain social relations. In some cases, the ‘switch’ to using digital technology to support communities has not been a smooth transition; in other cases, it has not been an option at all. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic brought back to the forefront long-standing inequities relating to digital access and inclusion in our societies.

Since COVID-19 broke out, Not-Equal has engaged with 20 non-academic partners predominantly from the 3rd sector, to find out what challenges they are facing as they have tried to continue to work with the communities they support.

This report, provides an overview of these conversations.

Following on from these conversations, Not-Equal is looking into the network to see how partners can assist each other. Three activities we have pinpointed are; 1) A digital wellbeing pack – a guide to being safe online and how to use key tools, 2) A series of workshops – to share best and worst practices and offer skills training & learning, 3) A set of focus groups – workshops to explore challenges that this sudden digitalization has brought about.