As digital technologies become a progressively more significant part of all our lives, how can we manage their design and development to make sure that they positively contribute to society?

Ann Light, Co-I on Not-Equal, talked to FuseBox founder Phil Jones about Design, Technology and Social Justice for the ESRC Festival of Social Science in Brighton. Talking about the Not-Equal network she discussed how working with non-academic can be transformative for researchers.

Not-Equal’s call for collaboration process asks academics to partner with non-academic organisations, she explained how working closely with community partners can help researchers and designers really to understand the issues they are facing.

She explains: “It’s not enough to just hear what the problems are, it’s about going in together and really trying to understand why the issues are the way they are.”

Ann Light is a Professor of Design at The University of Sussex and Malmö University, she also discussed her upcoming book Designs to Reshape Humanity.