Micro and Pilot Projects

Call for Proposals



UPDATE: The Call for EOIs is now closed for this round. New collaborators can be found by browsing or searching here.

Micro research projects can be up to three months in length. We expect to fund up to eight micro projects of up to £5k (80%FEC claimable) for this first funding call.  Pilot research projects can be between 6-8 months in length. We expect to fund up to 12 pilot research projects of between £20-£40k (80% FEC claimable) for this first funding call.

Not Equal has defined a set of key thematic topic within three challenge areas— Algorithmic Social Justice, Digital Security for All, Fairer Futures for Businesses and Workforces—which can be used to guide the development of research project proposals. Within each challenge area applicants might also consider research proposals responding to issues at the micro (level of the technologies themselves), meso (the combination of multiple technologies and application contexts) and macro level (market, policy and regulatory). 

For details, please see our Call for Proposals here.

Application Process 

Applications will initially be made via a short Expression of Interest (EOI). Applicants who do not have an academic or non-academic partners are invited to submit an EOI as the Not Equal Team can help finding collaborators within the Network+ to develop the idea further into a project proposal. The Expression of Interest application form can be downloaded here.

Deadline for EOI: 28 Feb 2019

A sifting process will be carried out to check for applications that are out of the scope of the call. Applicants whose EOIs are out of scope will be notified by 15 March 2019. Applicants intending to submit full applications will be offered support finding collaborators and financial support for proposal development. Mentoring will be available for Early Career Researchers. The application form for Micro projects here and for Pilot projects can be downloaded here.

Deadline for full applications for Micro and Pilot projects: 30 April 2019

Applications will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of experts and a community panel, who will shortlist and decide on awards allocation.  

Key Dates  

Date  Application Stage 
29 January 2019                Call for proposals goes live 
28th Feb 2019, 5pm                      Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest  
15th March 2019                     Applicants with out of scope Expressions of Interest will be notified 
30 April 2019, 5pm  Deadline for full applications 
May 2019                Expert and Citizen Panel shortlisting 
30th May 2019  Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their applications
1st September 2019   Expected start date for projects
Mid-September 2019 (TBC) Award Event


Submitting Expression of Interest and Proposals 

Expressions of interest for Micro and Pilot projects and Full Proposals applications should be submitted via email to notequal@newcastle.ac.uk.  

Download the Expression of Interest form here, the application form for Micro projects here and for Pilot projects here.

If you have any additional queries that aren’t covered in our FAQ document, please contact notequal@ncl.ac.uk or Kate Kelly (Not Equal Project Manager) on 0191 2088268.