Not-Equal’s second Call for Collaborative Proposals went live on Monday, and with it our Catalyst website …

What is Catalyst for?

The Catalyst website can help you find a partner for your project. You can search Catalyst by keyword, organisation or theme to find potential partners, and you can upload your own project ideas by filling in a form.

Share your ideas

To share your ideas on Catalyst, just fill in a simple online form which will ask you about the area you work in and to describe the project you would like to develop, ticking any keywords you think are relevant. You will also be asked to choose which of Not-Equal’s challenge areas your proposal responds to and what the focus of the response is. If you are not sure about our challenge areas or categories of response, our guidance brochure should help.

Search for like-minded people

Looking for a partner to work with you on a proposal, an event or other project? Search the Catalyst website for ideas other people have submitted and get in touch with those with similar ideas or whom you think might be interested in working with you.

When you go to the website, all ideas submitted will be visible, but you can filter submissions by challenge area, project focus, keyword and type of partner.

You will also be able to see if your potential partner has signed up to one of our day-long sandpits in London and Newcastle. These occasions will give you the chance to meet and develop your collaborative ideas!

See here for more information about the call, including our key dates!