Not-Equal Summer School 2019

Project Lead

Alan Dix and Lizzie Coles-Kemp


The 2019 Not-Equal Summer School took place in the last week of August, at Swansea University. Hosted by Alan Dix (Swansea University) and Lizzie Coles-Kemp (Royal Holloway University of London).

The school focused on the themes of Digital Security for All and Algorithmic Social Justice. 30 PhD students and Early Career Researchers took part in an interdisciplinary program, combining talks from across the disciplines with collaborative small group work to develop new forms of knowledge about social justice and fairness in the digital economy. These students came from a wide variety of backgrounds including Computer Science, Law, Political Science, Education and Geography. 

The talks included topics such as values and design, digital currencies, data mining, rural connectivity, theories of social justice and security, and gender and Internet of Things. Each afternoon, participants conducted collaborative work in order to develop the themes from the morning sessions and apply them to scenarios.

Participants were invited to use creative engagement methods such as storytelling, physical modeling and video to reflect and explore what they had learned during the talks and to discuss how this might be applied to a particular problem of algorithmic social justice. The Summer School concluded with presentations from each collaborative group work.