Issues of precarity and interdisciplinarity for Early Career Researchers in Justice-oriented technology spaces

Project Lead

Angelika Strohmayer, Northumbria University


Oliver Bates, Lancaster University
Nayana Prakash, Oxford University

Supporting Partners

 International and Broke

Project Summary

There is a growing number of ECRs and particularly precariously employed postdoctoral researchers in academia, including multi- and inter-disciplinary researchers who do not fit traditional molds and academic trajectories. Barriers for researchers working at various intersections of justice and digital technology, such as limited funding are further exacerbated by precarity of employment in the sector, making it difficult for individual researchers who are looking for a community and role models for success

This project aims to build support networks, and co-create resources for survival, aiming to help researchers not only to survive, but to thrive in their academic and/or academic-adjacent futures. They aim to work towards filling gaps, and work alongside other researchers to first explore and then co-create and co-develop socio-technical resources to build solidarity and learn more about ‘how to survive’ in academia.