If you are working on a proposal as part of Not-Equal’s second call, or are considering submitting a proposal for a research project or Open Event, you may have queries about the process, the criteria, multi-sector partnerships, the way funding will be allocated or other topics.

To cater to this, we will be holding two virtual Q&A sessions via Zoom – everybody’s new best friend! The sessions are open to any interested party and will be led by Network+ Manager Dr Rachel Sparks and the Not-Equal Investigators.

The first session will be held on Thursday 9th April from 2-3pm and you can join up here.

The second session will be on Thursday 7th May from 2-3pm and you can join via this link.

If you cannot attend please feel free to email your questions through beforehand to notequal@newcastle.ac.uk. Please bear in mind that your questions may already be answered in our FAQs which you can read here.

See you there!